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A coproduction between La Mecànica & Mime Prague

A one-man show with a splash of disaster. Street theatre and physical performance meet in one proud comedian’s dream show turned nightmare as the elements and the audience get involved, taking him from hero to zero in 35 minutes. Dreaming of bouquets from buckets, troubles are doubled as he realises that gravity always wins, and that when you least want it to, water falls.


Director :

Original Idea :

Performers :

Dramaturgy :

Music :

Movement research :

Costumes :

Production Managers :

Creative Producer :

Radim Vizváry

Pau Bachero
Pau Bachero
Joan Vila

Radim Vizváry

Mon Joan Tiquat

Marta Gorchs
Pau Aulí

Victoria Kersul
Ilona Hájková

Jenny Vila

Water Falls 5 (c) Pascal Proteau.JPG

National and international booking:

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